Hi I’m Ryre Cornish

I invite you to learn more about yourself and how nutrition can impact the very essence of who you are and how you live your life.

I am a master’s qualified and accredited nutritional therapist, having gained my accreditation from one of the most reputable colleges in the United Kingdom.

Over the past ten years, I have gained diverse clinical experience working in various settings, from sports clinics to hospitals, from the education to the corporate sector. In this time, I have had the pleasure of meeting a diverse range of individuals who have all had their own varied and complex health stories to tell.

Listening to these stories, and applying my own personal experience, I was able to develop an integrated approach to improving health and wellbeing by exploring the bodily system as a whole. I have combined cutting-edge nutritional science with insights from my degree in psychology, experience in functional testing, and proficiency in movement therapy to formulate the M.N.C System.

Through this programme, I am entirely committed to helping you become the healthiest version of yourself. The journey begins here.

My Approach To Nutrition


My goal is to help you understand your unique health story, so that you can be onboard with the changes that need to be made. Together, we will create a realistic, achievable, and sustainable nutrition and lifestyle roadmap that is an extension of your health story. This is the part in the story where you take control of your health and use it to improve all aspects of your life.

Once you have a clear understanding of your health story, we can start devising the best ways to reach your goals. You will leave with complete clarity in the following: your roadmap is a specific plan drawn up for you; there are systems in place that will help you reach your goals; you are fully supported on this journey; and the power is in your hands.


Functional testing blends the scientific approach into defining what underlying issues could be causing you pain, resulting in illness, or holding you back. It provides an effective way for me to get to the root causes of your issues, so that I can make the appropriate nutritional recommendations going forward.

Unlike traditional diagnostic techniques, tests are chosen according to the needs of your body, and they focus on the causes of your imbalances rather than the symptoms. I recognise that each client requires personal treatment. The one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for everyone, which is why individualised treatment needs to be set based on the findings of our tests.


We will work together to create individualised wellness goals and a plan based around dietary changes, lifestyle modifications, and supplementation. Your plan of action will be made up of steps that deliver transformation on every level, but the changes will be small. The steps will be slight. It’s by slowing down the journey that your body can adapt and grow with you through this process.

Over time you will notice the changes as they start to unfold. Each one will bring with it the motivation to explore and continue further. You will start seeing how your energy is optimised, your vitality is compounding, and everything is starting to become more manageable as you feel healthier and well.  


“Feel empowered and supported on your journey to a healthy life”


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